Scott Hudson

“You Have Been Warned” (2019) by Scott Hudson

You may know Scott if you have some interest in the print-based goings on of Dundee: whether you frequent the DCA print studio – where he holds the fort as head technician – or you recently holidayed in the State of Print – where he builds the forts for an artist-led faux nation constructed entirely out of cardboard and hawaiian shirts. You’re likely to be aware of the Dundee Print Collective – a large and welcoming collective that have exhibited internationally – and you may even have some knowledge of a place called the “V&A Dundee”, where he also dabbles in further printy stuff. But chances are you most likely you know him from his recent show at Wooosh Gallery.
Our Scotty boy is a busy boy indeed. His designs carry another sort of busy-ness: a strong, pattern-based graphic sensibility, the possible roots of which are referenced in his Wooosh, “You Have Been Warned” – the work of Peter Saville, one of Scott’s design heroes. His work often makes use of language, with which he is interested in both the material and immaterial aspects – letterpress as well as etymology.
The piece itself is a warning… a warning about being warned. Warned about what, exactly? We’re not sure. Perhaps about fly-posting, car-parking, street-drinking, or even poster-reading. Whatever it was, the gallery slugs seem to have taken issue with it and have destroyed it via ingestion – eating away at the words of authority. (#punkslug). The yellow and black hues of the warning sign have thus been reframed as the yellow and black of the bumble-bee – the poster, post-ingest, now reading “YOU HAVE BEE WARNED”, almost as if them slugs are trying to tell us what the warning should have been about all along… Surprise! This one’s about the environment!! Up with slugs, down with climate change!

Why do these things keep ending up being about slugs?

Follow Scotts’s escapades @brogueprinter (I think this is a play on “Rogue Trader” but I’m not sure) and follow his projects @thestateofprint and @dundeeprintcollective