Eddie Summerton

A big thanks to the big man Edward Summerton for his woooshing with us in early September. Eddie made the wise decision to scamper away from an opening at @mcmanusdundee to join us, making his excuses with the enigmatic airs of a covert operation: an attitude we approve of, and what all good Wooosh openings aspire to be.

I remember a lecture that Eddie gave once, where he detailed the history of the Tay Road Bridge Snake Catcher – the story being that upon the bridge’s opening in 1966, all the snakes from Fife slithered their way across into Tayside, where they wreaked snakey havoc upon a defenceless Dundee. Enter the Snake Catcher, who catches them all! He gathers them all up in his long thin briefcase, designed ‘especially for snakes’. This device’s name? The Adder Subtractor.
And yet somehow I still I didn’t realise this was entirely made up. (It wasn’t until the subject came up years later during a trip to a paper bag factory that it was all revealed to be hokum). I guess the point I’m trying to make is that often in art it doesn’t matter how something actually happened – or if it even happened at all. Great works are susceptible to being forgotten because they don’t lend themselves well to anecdote – and the reverse is also true. How many people can recount the tale of Abramovic’s performance where a participant famously pointed a loaded gun in her face? How many people know it’s called Rhythm 0? Which is more memorable?

Eddie’s Wooosh, “The Step,” has an accompanying performance entitled “Walking Around Dundee, Until I Find a Kerb the Exact Height of My Stepped Shoe” – the title of which embraces the anecdotal nature of the performance and solves the Rhythm 0 issue.
He probably never even wore them.

You can follow the sneaky sneaker @edwardsummerton (though we know he’s not very ‘gram active: if you see this Eddie, please know you are always invited to our events, it’s not our fault you don’t check the promo stories…). In other news, we’re considering starting a mailing list. More on that soon.

With Love, Wooosh x