Saoirse Amira Anis

Some rather late night woooshing from last week, when we featured a series of images from the recent publication ‘There’s a Fig Tree on Fairy Lane’ by Saoirse Anis.
The book was inspired by the beautiful phrase that forms its title. Its true! There is a fig tree on Fairy Lane! This lovely fact sparked Saoirse to recall that, actually, there are some nice things happening in the world – despite how the media (& so on) might make it appear. Each page of the publication houses a small wonder that brings joy to the artist, and the page-to-page combinations (thrown together by chance in the process of printing) allow the viewer to draw their own meaning and pleasures from the artist’s selection.
Perhaps our weekly woooshes can act for you as the pages of Saoirse’s book: tiny pieces of beauty framed upon a brick wall.

Anyway, check out the rest of the artist’s work over on @moroccanstylechicken where you can see more good stuff that includes not only beauty but instruments and dancing!

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